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Wild Mountain Thyme(2020)
Actor : Jones, Rashida Samberg, Ardy Jamie Dornan Blunt, Emily Walken, Christopher Jon Hamm
Director : John Patrick Shanley

[DVD](301992-D)Pre-Order: HK$95(US$12.3)[Expected Date: 2023-10-6推出]Buy
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Actor : Cartoon
Director : Taniguchi, Goro
Dubber : Mayumi Tanaka Kazuya Nakai Santamaria, Yusuke Sashihara Rino Anson Kong@MIRROR Marf@COLLAR

[Blu-ray](301937-B)Pre-Order: HK$152(US$19.6)[Expected Date: 2023-10-5推出]Buy
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Gran Turismo(2023)
Actor : David Harbour Bloom, Orlando Lee Sang Heon
Director : Neill Blomkamp

[Blu-ray](301927-B-SB)Pre-Order: HK$319(US$41.2)[Expected Date: 2023-11-20推出]Buy
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New Release Video

Aki Kaurismaki Collection
Actor : Outinen, Kati Peltola, Markku
Director : Kaurismaki, Aki

[Blu-ray](301520-B)HK$631(US$81.4)[In Stock]Buy
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Infernal Affairs Trilogy
Actor : Lau, Tak Wah Andy Leung, Chiu Wai Tony Cheng, Sau Man Sammi Chen, Wai Lam Kelly Tsang, Chi Wai Eric Wong, Chau Sang Anthony Yue, Man Lok Shawn Chen, Koon Hei Edison Lau, Ka Ling Carina Wai, Ying Hung Kara Ng, Chun Yu Francis
Director : Lau, Wai Keung Andrew Mak, Siu Fai Alan

[Blu-ray](234404-B)HK$681(US$87.9)[Out of Stock]
[Blu-ray](234404-B-4KLE)HK$1150(US$148.4)[Out of Stock]
[Blu-ray](234404-B-4K)Pre-Order: HK$629(US$81.1)[Expected Date: 2023-10-18推出]Buy
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In the way - Richie Jen
Singer : Jen, Hsien Chi Richie

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Luocha Kingdom - Dao Lang
Singer : Dao, Lang

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Trends UD-10 Battery Box + Battery

[AV Devices](506402-BB)HK$150(US$19.4)[In Stock]Buy
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Trends 7A AC/DC Dual Power Adaptor (Support BA-10 Bi-amp Audio System)

[AV Devices](506407-7A)HK$585(US$75.5)[In Stock]Buy
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[Houseware](506519-G-DU)HK$5(US$0.6)[In Stock]Buy
[Houseware](506519-G)HK$18(US$2.3)[In Stock]Buy
[Houseware](506519-B-DU)HK$5(US$0.6)[In Stock]Buy
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3M Air Conditioner Cleaner

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DHS National Skyline TG2 Table Tennis Rubber Sheet

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DHS W.Nan-C Table Tennis Pack - Limited Edition

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(600356 )
PowerSmash 2

[PS2](600356-PS2-JP)HK$119(US$15.4)[In Stock]Buy
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(600409 )
Tenchu 3

[PS2](600409-PS2-JP)HK$119(US$15.4)[In Stock]Buy
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The Bioboosted Armor Guyver
Author : Takaya Yoshiki

[Books](400308-0421)HK$38(US$4.9)[In Stock]Buy
[Books](400308-0420)HK$38(US$4.9)[In Stock]Buy
[Books](400308-0401)HK$81(US$10.4)[Out of Stock]
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The Mirror
Author : Nil

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Singer : Chen, Wai Lam Kelly

[Posters](507406)HK$49(US$6.3)[In Stock]Buy
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Singer : Various Artist

[Posters](507410)HK$19(US$2.5)[In Stock]Buy
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Chinese General

[Gifts](500307)HK$93(US$12.0)[In Stock]Buy
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Roman Cornucen

[Gifts](500305)HK$102(US$13.2)[In Stock]Buy
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