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Pre-Order Video

Actor : Henry Golding Iko Uwais Andrew Koji Ursula Corbero Samara Weaving Haruka Abe Takehiro Hira
Director : Robert Schwentke

[Blu-ray](301527-B-SB)Pre-Order: HK$325(US$41.9)[Expected Date: 2021-12-10推出]Buy
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Willy's Wonderland(2021)
Actor : Cage, Nicholas Beth Grant Emily Tosta
Director : Kevin Lewis

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Ladies Market(2021)
Actor : Ng, Cheuk Hai Ron Liu, Annie Liu, Kai Chi Arrommy Leung
Director : Kwan Wing Chu

[Blu-ray](301579-B)Pre-Order: HK$153(US$19.7)[Expected Date: 2021-9-30推出]Buy
[DVD](301579-D)Pre-Order: HK$102(US$13.2)[Expected Date: 2021-9-30推出]Buy
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New Release Video

Actor : Troy Liu Buffy Chen Kim Hyun Bin Liu Kuan Ting Yeung, Gwai Mei Tai Bo Chang Pen Yu
Director : Ko Chen Nien

[DVD](301472-D)HK$131(US$16.9)[In Stock]Buy
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Ne Zha(2019)
Actor : Cartoon

[Blu-ray](302823-B-LE)HK$550(US$71.0)[In Stock]Buy
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Goodbye, Ciao, Seeing You Again - Freya Lim
Singer : Lin Ga Ya, Karena

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Young Americans (Vinyl) - David Bowie

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Trends CQ-109 Mini to Mini Silver cable(headphone plug)

[AV Devices](507263-14)HK$350(US$45.2)[In Stock]Buy
[AV Devices](507263-47)HK$400(US$51.6)[In Stock]Buy
[AV Devices](507263-100)HK$550(US$71.0)[In Stock]Buy
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Trends PA-10 Tube Headphone/Preamp for Smartphone.

[AV Devices](507382-BSSE)HK$2330(US$300.6)[In Stock]Buy
[AV Devices](507382-CCEESE)HK$2330(US$300.6)[In Stock]Buy
[AV Devices](507382-CLTWSE)HK$2330(US$300.6)[In Stock]Buy
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3M Scotch Magic Tape with Black Shoe Dispenser

[Houseware](506417-B)HK$23(US$3.0)[In Stock]Buy
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Envelope bubble mailer (Yellow)(20 cm x 25 cm)(8" x 10" inches)

[Houseware](507264-025)HK$62(US$8.0)[In Stock]Buy
[Houseware](507264-010)HK$19(US$2.5)[In Stock]Buy
[Houseware](507264-001)HK$4(US$0.5)[In Stock]Buy
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YINHE 06 Series Table Tennis Racket

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DHS A4002 4-Star Table Tennis Racket

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(600409 )
Tenchu 3

[PS2](600409-PS2-JP)HK$119(US$15.4)[In Stock]Buy
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(600332 )
Formula One 2002

[PS2](600332-PS2-JP)HK$77(US$9.9)[In Stock]Buy
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Kaori's Photo Album
Actor : Kaori, Iida

[Books](401663-0301)HK$199(US$25.7)[In Stock]Buy
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Old Master Q
Author : Wong, Zek

[Books](401343-0108)HK$35(US$4.5)[In Stock]Buy
[Books](401343-0283)HK$34(US$4.4)[In Stock]Buy
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Singer : Cheung, Kwok Wing Leslie

[Posters](507399)HK$49(US$6.3)[In Stock]Buy
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Singer : Various Artist

[Posters](507410)HK$19(US$2.5)[In Stock]Buy
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