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Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One (2023)
Actor : Cruise, Tom Rhames, Ving Rebecca Ferguson Simon Pegg Hayley Atwell
Director : Christopher McQuarrie

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Actor : lin yuan hui Toru, Furuya Akio, Otsuka Koichi, Yamadera
Director : Kon Satoshi

[Blu-ray](265498-B)HK$199(US$25.7)[Out of Stock]
[Blu-ray](265498-B-SB)Pre-Order: HK$397(US$51.2)[Expected Date: 2023-12-29推出]Buy
[DVD](265498-D)HK$85(US$11.0)[Out of Stock]
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The Exorcist: Believer(2023)
Actor : Jr., Ann Dowd Leslie Odom Jennifer Nettles Norbert Leo Butz Burstyn, Ellen Lidya Jewett Olivia Marcum
Director : David Gordon Green

[Blu-ray](302000-B-SB)Pre-Order: HK$310(US$40.0)[Expected Date: 2024-1-18推出]Buy
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New Release Video

Actor : Wang Yibo Yu Shi Hu, Jun Zhou, Dong Yu
Director : Liu Xiaoshi

[Blu-ray](301982-B)HK$159(US$20.5)[In Stock]Buy
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A Guilty Conscience(2023)
Actor : Wong, Chi Wah Dayo Tse, Kwan Hou Wang, Dan Ni Liew, Chi Yu Fish Wong, Man Dak Michael Ho Kai Wa Renci Yeung Adam Pak Tin Nam Lam, Bo Yee Bowie Kok, Tak Chiu Vincent
Director : Wu, Wei Lun

[Blu-ray](301951-B)HK$199(US$25.7)[In Stock]Buy
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In the way - Richie Jen
Singer : Jen, Hsien Chi Richie

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Love Teresa Teng - Xu Wen(Vinyl LP)
Singer : Xu, Wen

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Trends BA-10 Lite Bi-amp Audio System(inl. 2 set of 4A power adaptor)

[AV Devices](507422-CLTW)HK$2300(US$296.7)[In Stock]Buy
[AV Devices](507422-BS)HK$2300(US$296.7)[In Stock]Buy
[AV Devices](507422-CCEE)HK$2300(US$296.7)[In Stock]Buy
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Trends PA-10.1D Tube Headphone/Pre Amplifier(Two Output)

[AV Devices](506304-CCEEGE)HK$2300(US$296.7)[In Stock]Buy
[AV Devices](506304-BSSE)HK$2300(US$296.7)[In Stock]Buy
[AV Devices](506304-VDEGE)HK$2300(US$296.7)[In Stock]Buy
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Confetti Poppers Party Accessory

[Houseware](507301-1)HK$20(US$2.6)[In Stock]Buy
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3M Electronic Equipmet Cleaning Wipes

[Houseware](506552-1)HK$66(US$8.5)[Out of Stock]
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DHS HURRICANE-II Tournament Table Tennis Racket

[TABLETENNIS](506471-S)HK$599(US$77.3)[In Stock]Buy
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DHS HURRICANE-I Tournament Table Tennis Racket

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(600465 )
Virutal-On Marz

[PS2](600465-PS2-JP)HK$119(US$15.4)[In Stock]Buy
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(600644 )

[PS2](600644-PS2-JP)HK$77(US$9.9)[In Stock]Buy
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Author : Nil

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Ming Pao Weekly
Author : Nil

[Books](403296-041875)HK$1(US$0.1)[In Stock]Buy
[Books](403296-041854)HK$1(US$0.1)[In Stock]Buy
[Books](403296-041881)HK$1(US$0.1)[In Stock]Buy
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Storm Riders Series 5 - Siu Mou (Special Edition)

[Gifts](507458)HK$129(US$16.6)[In Stock]Buy
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Roman Praetorian Guardsman

[Gifts](500310)HK$93(US$12.0)[In Stock]Buy
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