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The past Ghorse Award

The past Hong Kong Films Award

Chao, Mark


Midnight Diner (China Version)
Actor : Huang, Lei Chao, Mark Hai,Qing Zhang, Jun Ning
Director : Choi, Ngok Fan

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Ten great III of peach blossom
Actor : Yang, Mi Chao, Mark Cheung, Chi Yiu Dilmurat, Dilraba
Director : Lam Yuk

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The Warrior's Gate
Actor : Chao, Mark Uriah Shelton Dave Bautista Ni, Ni Ng, Chun Yu Francis
Director : Hoene, Matthias

[DVD](300252-D)Pre-Order: HK$100(US$12.9)[Expected Date: 9999-12-30]
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Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe
Actor : Chao, Mark Yao, Chen Feng, Xiao Yue Li, Chen Tang, Yan Tiffany Lee, Guang Kit Wang, Qing Xiang Wu,Jun
Director : Lu Chuan

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Black & White 2: The Dawn of Justice
Actor : Chao, Mark Lin, Geng Xin Kenny Zhang, Jun Ning Gwan, Wing Zou, Cheng En Huang, Bo
Director : Choi, Ngok Fan
Producer : Yu xiao hui

[Blu-ray](298171-B-3D)HK$52(US$6.7)[Out of Stock]
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Young Detective Dee Rise of the sea dragon
Actor : Yeung, Angela (Angela Baby) Feng, Shao Feng William Chao, Mark Lau, Ka Ling Carina Hu Dong Chen, Kun Aloys Lin, Geng Xin Kenny Kim, Bum
Director : Tsui, Hark

[Blu-ray](295489-B-3D)HK$97(US$12.5)[Out of Stock]
[Blu-ray](295489-B)HK$195(US$25.2)[Out of Stock]
[DVD](295489-D)HK$105(US$13.5)[Out of Stock]
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So Young
Actor : Chao, Mark Han, Geng Bao Bei Er Zheng Kai Tong, Li Ya Zhang, Yao Huang, Ming Yan, Zi Shan
Director : Zhao, Wei Vicki
Producer : Kwan, Kam Pang Stanley

[Blu-ray](295369-B)HK$59(US$7.6)[Out of Stock]
[DVD](295369-D)HK$45(US$5.8)[Out of Stock]
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Caught In The Web
Actor : Gao, Yuan Yuan Yao, Chen Chao, Mark Chen, Hong Wang, Luo Dan May Wong, Hok Kan
Director : Chen, Kaige

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Black & White The Dawn of Assault
Actor : Chao, Mark Gwan, Wing Yeung, Angela (Angela Baby) Huang, Bo To, Tak Wai Alex
Director : Choi, Ngok Fan

[Blu-ray](294284-B)HK$102(US$13.2)[Out of Stock]
[DVD](294284-D)HK$49(US$6.3)[Out of Stock]
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Actor : Yeung, Angela (Angela Baby) Kong, Shan Chao, Mark
Director : Han Yan

[Blu-ray](293713-B)HK$59(US$7.6)[In Stock]Buy
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Total Number of Records: 12



[ First Time ] Original Soundtrack
Singer : Chao, Mark Yeung, Angela (Angela Baby) Kong, Shan Cindy Yen Lara

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Black & White Original Soundtrack (OST) - Taiwan TV Series Soundtrack OST
Singer : Chao, Mark CoLoR Zou, Cheng En Pi Ke Si Jie, Wei Ling Law, Mei Ling

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Total Number of Records: 2

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