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The past Ghorse Award

The past Hong Kong Films Award

Zhao, Liang


Azalea Mountain (China Version)
Actor : Ding, Hai Feng Ji, Ceon Dak Tao, Yu Ling Zhao, Liang
Director : Cheung, Siu Lam

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Our marriage (China Version)
Actor : Li, Ah Pang Miao, Po Ke, Lan Xu, Lei Shen, Ngo Kwun Zhao, Liang
Director : Li Zi Ren

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Ancestral Temple (Vol. 1 - 43 - China Version)
Actor : Lin, Hsin Ju Ruby Pan, Hung Go, Ming Zhao, Liang Wang, Yu
Director : Yan JianGang

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Saber (China Version)
Actor : Ren, Cheng Wei Xi, Yu Li Zhao, Liang Zhang,Yi
Director : Jin Shen

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Shang Hai Qing Jie (Vol. 1 - 22 - China Version)
Actor : Sun, Ning Ding, Hai Feng Zhao, Liang

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Shou Wang Ai Qing (China Version)
Actor : Wu, Yue Liu, Zhi Bing Zhang HongLu Go, Ming Cheung, Sing Yim Kong YiShan Su, Yan Zhao, Liang
Director : Zeng XiaoXin

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Sha Ou <1> - Ji Qing Zhi Ye (China Version)
Actor : Sha ou Zhao, Liang

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Gan Zi Zhao Dou Dou (China Version)
Actor : Zhao, Liang Pong, Jo Wan Zhao DouDou Fei Mei Lu YuanNing

[DVD](270106-D)HK$45(US$5.8)[Out of Stock]
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Xiao Zi Part I (Vol. 1 - 36 - China Version)
Actor : Xu, An Jin Yong Mei Zhao, Liang Wang, Ying Yan, Min Qiu Wang HeWei
Director : Yang, Ke

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The Return Of The Condor Heroes (2006)
Actor : Wang, Hiu Ming Crystal Liu Wang,Luo Yong Yang, Rui Hung, Lam Zhao, Liang Zhou, Hao Dong Kong, Ngai Meng, Gong Mei
Director : Yu, Min
Author : Jin, Yong

[DVD](259472-D)HK$299(US$38.6)[Out of Stock]
[DVD](259472-D-GD)HK$350(US$45.2)[Out of Stock]
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Total Number of Records: 48

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Dan Pian Ji Ying Yong Xi Tong She Ji Yu Chan Pin Kai Fa
Author : Zhao, Liang Feng, Jian Hua

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Total Number of Records: 1

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