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The past Ghorse Award

The past Hong Kong Films Award

Skerritt, Tom


The Velveteen Rabbit
Actor : Seymour, Jane Skerritt, Tom Burstyn, Ellen Sinelnikoff, Michael
Director : Michael Landon Jr.

[VCD](289651-V)HK$45(US$5.8)[Out of Stock]
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Killer Wave
Actor : Macfadyen, Angus Vanasse, Karine Robinson, John Skerritt, Tom
Director : McDonald, Bruce

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Category 7: The End of the World
Actor : Gershon, Gina Doherty, Shannen Quaid, Randy Wagner, Robert Skerritt, Tom
Director : Dick, Lowry

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Aftershock : Earthquake in NY
Actor : Garner, Jennifer Weller, Frederick Skerritt, Tom
Director : Salomon, Mikael

[DVD](266048-D)HK$54(US$7.0)[Out of Stock]
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Stephen King's Desperation
Actor : Skerritt, Tom Weber, Steven Gish, Annabeth Durning, Charles Frewer, Matt Thomas, Henry Perlman, Ron
Director : Mick Garris

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Poison Ivy
Actor : Gilbert, Sara Drew Barrymore Skerritt, Tom Ladd, Cheryl
Director : Shea, Katt

[DVD](263727-D)HK$39(US$5.0)[Out of Stock]
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M.A.S.H. (2 Discs)
Actor : Donald Sutherland Skerritt, Tom
Director : Altman, Robert

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Poltergeist III(1988)
Actor : Skerritt, Tom O'Rourke, Heather Allen, Nancy Boyle Flynn, Lara
Director : Sherman, Gary

[DVD](213575-D)HK$100(US$12.9)[Out of Stock]
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Top Gun(1986)
Actor : Cruise, Tom Meg Ryan McGillis, Kelly Skerritt, Tom Ironside, Michael Stockwell, John Rossovich, Rick Hubley, Whip
Director : Scott, Tony
Producer : Simpson, Don

[Blu-ray](209236-B-SB)HK$268(US$34.6)[Out of Stock]
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Other Sister,The
Actor : Lewis, Juliette Keaton, Diane Skerritt, Tom

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