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The past Ghorse Award

The past Hong Kong Films Award

Lau, Nam Kwong Billy


Actor : Chin, Siu Ho Richard, Ng Lau, Nam Kwong Billy

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Nowhere to hide(2006)
Actor : Lee, Yat Long Don Pang, Huai, On Eddie Chan, Wai Man Lau, Nam Kwong Billy Amy Wong, Yung Wong, Ha Wai Qiao Bao Bao Suet, Lei

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Hong Kong Gossip
Actor : Lo, Hoi Pang Lam, Chiu Wing Lau, Nam Kwong Billy Lau, Shek Yin Cai, Guo Wei Keung, Ho Men Philip Qin, Qi Wei

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Mr. Smart
Actor : Cheng, Kent Lau, Nam Kwong Billy Kwan, Chi Lam Rosamund

[VCD](266612-V)HK$40(US$5.2)[Out of Stock]
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Mad Mad Ghost (China Version)
Actor : Lam, Ching Ying Law, Jacqueline Lau, Nam Kwong Billy Li, Fay
Director : Lee, King Chu

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Hong Kong Criminal Files - Vol. 6
Actor : Kwok, Ka Yi Cheung, Ho Lung Chan, Chin Pang Benny Tam, Hoi Ki Lau, Nam Kwong Billy

[DVD](262011-D)HK$62(US$8.0)[Out of Stock]
[VCD](262011-V)HK$39(US$5.0)[Out of Stock]
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The Danger Encounter
Actor : Kong, May Yee Elena Lau, Nam Kwong Billy Wong, Wei Zong, Yang Huang, Hui Min Zeng, Wei Min

[VCD](253708-V)HK$45(US$5.8)[Out of Stock]
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Don't Shoot Me I'm Just A Violinist
Actor : Mo, Suen Wan Teresa Lau, Ching Wan Sean Lau, Nam Kwong Billy Vivian, Lai Wong, Yat Shan
Director : Yau, Lai To Herman

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Vampire Settle On Police Camp
Actor : Ng, Kwun Yu Sandra Kong, Yan Yin Lau, Nam Kwong Billy To, Tak Wai Alex Cho, Cha Lei Charlie
Director : Chan, Chi Wah

[DVD](249907-D)HK$77(US$9.9)[Out of Stock]
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Funny Ghost
Actor : Chan, Bak Cheung Ng, Kwun Yu Sandra Lau, Nam Kwong Billy Kong, Yan Yin Wu, Fung Cho, Cha Lei Charlie Cho, Dat Wah Cheung, Kwok Shue Yip, Wing Jou Yuen, Cheung Yan
Director : Yuen, Cheung Yan
Producer : Sin, Gei Yin

[VCD](229260-V1)HK$40(US$5.2)[Out of Stock]
[DVD](229260-D)HK$39(US$5.0)[Out of Stock]
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The Temptation Of Office Ladies
Actor : Cheung, Man Tsz Pinky Tin, Yui Nei Kristal Lau, Nam Kwong Billy

[Posters](500844)HK$10(US$1.3)[Out of Stock]
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Total Number of Records: 1

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