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The past Ghorse Award

The past Hong Kong Films Award

Lee Jones, Tommy


The Comback Trail(2020)
Actor : De Niro, Robert Lee Jones, Tommy Freeman, Morgan
Director : Gallo, George

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AD ASTRA(2019)
Actor : Brad Pitt ABC Lee Jones, Tommy
Director : Gray, James

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Just Getting Started
Actor : Freeman, Morgan Lee Jones, Tommy Russo, Rene

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Actor : Kelvin Costner Oldman, Gary Lee Jones, Tommy Ryan Reynolds
Director : Vromen, Ariel

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Jason Bourne(2016)
Actor : Matt Damon Vikander, Alicia Lee Jones, Tommy Cassel, Vincent Stiles, Julia
Director : Greengrass, Paul

[Blu-ray](299943-B)Pre-Order: HK$105(US$13.5)[Expected Date: 2022-6-1]
[DVD](299943-D)Pre-Order: HK$52(US$6.7)[Expected Date: 2022-6-1]
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Actor : Scorsese, Martin De Niro, Robert Pfeiffer, Michelle Lee Jones, Tommy
Director : Luc Besson

[DVD](295692-D)HK$77(US$9.9)[In Stock]Buy
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Actor : Daniel Day-Lewis Lee Jones, Tommy Field, Sally Gordon-Levitt, Joseph
Director : Steven Spielberg

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Hope Springs
Actor : Meryl Streep Lee Jones, Tommy Carell, Steve
Director : Frankel, David

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Actor : Wei Er Shi Mi Si Lee Jones, Tommy Josh Brolin
Director : Sonnenfeld, Barry

[Blu-ray](293956-B-4K)Pre-Order: HK$169(US$21.8)[Expected Date: 2022-6-1]
[DVD](293956-D)Pre-Order: HK$52(US$6.7)[Expected Date: 2022-6-1]
[Blu-ray](293956-B)Pre-Order: HK$105(US$13.5)[Expected Date: 2022-6-1]
[Blu-ray](293956-B-SE2)HK$401(US$51.7)[Out of Stock]
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Actor : Will Smith Lee Jones, Tommy
Director : Sonnenfeld, Barry

[Blu-ray](293439-B-LE)HK$567(US$73.1)[Out of Stock]
[Blu-ray](293439-B2)HK$527(US$68.0)[Out of Stock]
[Blu-ray](293439-B)HK$281(US$36.3)[Out of Stock]
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Total Number of Records: 41

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No Country For Old Men
Actor : Lee Jones, Tommy

[Posters](506138)HK$5(US$0.6)[Out of Stock]
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Man Of The House Poster
Actor : Lee Jones, Tommy

[Posters](502133)HK$19(US$2.5)[In Stock]Buy
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Actor : Lee Jones, Tommy Cate Blanchett

[Posters](501009)HK$19(US$2.5)[In Stock]Buy
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Total Number of Records: 3

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