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The past Ghorse Award

The past Hong Kong Films Award

Cox, Brian


Planet Of The Apes 1+2 Double-Pack(2011)
Actor : Foreign Artist Roth, Tim Mark Wahlberg Bonham Carter, Helena Clarke Duncan, Michael Warren, Estella John Lithgow James Franco Cox, Brian Serkis, Andy Pinto, Freida
Director : Tim Burton Wyatt, Rupert

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Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes(2011)
Actor : James Franco Serkis, Andy Pinto, Freida John Lithgow Cox, Brian
Director : Wyatt, Rupert

[Blu-ray](292009-B-4K)Pre-Order: HK$382(US$49.3)[Expected Date: 9999-12-31]
[DVD](292009-D)Pre-Order: HK$113(US$14.6)[Expected Date: 9999-12-31]
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The Colour of Magic
Actor : Astin, Sean Curry, Tim Irons, Jeremy Cox, Brian
Director : Jean, Vadim

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Fantastic Mr Fox
Actor : Dafoe, Willem Cox, Brian
Director : Anderson, Wes
Dubber : Clooney, George Meryl Streep Schwartzman, Jason Bill Murray Wilson, Owen Gambon, Michael

[Blu-ray](289001-B)Pre-Order: HK$269(US$34.7)[Expected Date: 9999-12-30]
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Zodiac DTS (DVD-9) (China Version)
Actor : Downey Jr., Robert Dermot Mulroney Mark Ruffalo Edwards, Anthony Cox, Brian Jake Gyllenhaal
Director : Fincher, David

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Running With Scissors
Actor : Annette Bening Cox, Brian Fiennes, Joseph Wood Rachel, Evan Baldwin, Alec Clayburgh, Jill Cross, Joseph Paltrow, Gwyneth
Director : Murphy, Ryan

[DVD](263941-D)HK$85(US$11.0)[Out of Stock]
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Match Point
Actor : Rhys-Meyers, Jonathan Goode, Matthew Cox, Brian Mortimer, Emily Wilton, Penelope Johansson, Scarlett
Director : Woody Allen

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Red Eye
Actor : McAdams, Rachel Murphy, Cillian Cox, Brian Scalia, Jack
Director : Wes Craven

[DVD](252849-D)HK$85(US$11.0)[Out of Stock]
[VCD](252849-V)HK$49(US$6.3)[Out of Stock]
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The Bourne Supremacy(2004)
Actor : Matt Damon Potente, Franka Cox, Brian Stiles, Julia Mann, Gabriel Allen, Joan
Director : Greengrass, Paul

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Actor : Glover, Julian Cox, Brian Bana, Eric Bloom, Orlando Brad Pitt
Director : Petersen,Wolfgang

[Blu-ray](237616-B-LE)HK$199(US$25.7)[Out of Stock]
[Blu-ray](237616-B)HK$111(US$14.3)[In Stock]Buy
[DVD](237616-D-D)HK$99(US$12.8)[Out of Stock]
[VCD](237616-V)HK$29(US$3.7)[Out of Stock]
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