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How To Be A Billionaire
Actor : Wong, Bai Ming Raymond Pauline, Yeung Lee, Mei Fung Elizabeth Cheng, Man Nga Olivia
Director : Ko, Chi Sum Clifton
Producer : Ko, Chi Sum Clifton

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Rating: I
Wong is a junior clerk in a construction company. He lives under the care of his uncle and his cousin, Ping. But the woman who occupies Wong's attention is Jenny, the widowed wife of the son of his boss. One day, a Billionaire leaves Wong with the secret to become rich. Things seem to go smoothly with him. He is promoted twice, and now as the Assistant Manager. The boss even consents to his marriage with Jenny. The newly-wed couple goes on a honeymoon trip in Switzerland. He dashes into a tree and knocks himself into a coma in which he sees the Billionaire reveals him and complains to him the dreadful life in the world of the dead. When he returns to Hong Kong, Wong decides to break up with Jenny and seeks forgiveness in front of his ancestors. In the end he returns to Ping's side and lives a meaningful life hereafter.


How To Be A Billionaire (Legendary Collection) [VCD] 
(Date: 2011-07-18)
Price($): HK$40 (US$)
Publisher:Ladder Ideas Limited

Screen: 1.33:1
No of Disk: 2
Region Code: All
Subtitle: Chinese(Traditional), English
Audio: DTS,Mono
Languages: Mandarin,Cantonese
Video: NTSC
Sold out, until further announcement Buy

How To Be A Billionaire (Legendary Collection) [DVD] 
(Date: 2011-07-18)
Price($): HK$39 (US$)
Publisher:Ladder Ideas Limited

No of Disk: 1
Region Code: All
Languages: Cantonese,Mandarin
Subtitle: Chinese(Traditional),Chinese(Simplified),English
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0
Rating: I
Video: NTSC,DVD-5
Screen: Widescreen
Sold out, until further announcement Buy

Total Number of Records: 2

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