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Kung Fu Mahjong II
Actor : Yuen, Chiu Yuen, Wah Ying, Choi Yi Cherrie Sammy Lee, Lung Yi Tiffany
Director : Wong, Jing

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Unlike most housewives, Fanny was the youngest disciple of the famous Kung Fu Mahjong master Three Tiles. Her husband Johnnie joined The Demon?s gang and met Curvy, the daughter of The Demon.. Curvy challenged Fanny to a duel. They played a game of mahjong. If Curvy won, Fanny would divorce Johnnie. Fanny was totally beaten.

To prepare for the annual World Mahjong Championship Competition, Fanny was determined to further her studies with Three Tiles to be a Kung Fu Mahjong master. Finally, Fanny won the new champion.


Kung Fu Mahjong II [VCD] 
(Date: 2006-01-19)
Price($): HK$45 (US$)
Publisher:CN Entertainment Ltd

Screen: 1.33:1
No of Disk: 2
Region Code: All
Languages: Cantonese,Mandarin
Subtitle: Chinese(Traditional), English
Audio: Mono
Video: NTSC
Quantity: X
Stock Status: To Order (available within 3 to 6 days)
(Shipping charge by 1.0 Delivery Unit (DU))

Kung Fu Mahjong II [DVD] 
(Date: 2006-01-19)
Price($): HK$55 (US$)
Publisher:CN Entertainment Ltd

No of Disk: 1
Region Code: All
Languages: Cantonese,Mandarin
Subtitle: Chinese(Traditional), Chinese(Simplified), English
Audio: Dolby Digital,DTS 5.1
Screen: Letter Box
Video: NTSC
Sold out, until further announcement Buy

Total Number of Records: 2

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