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Journey Of The Doomed (Shaw Brothers Film)(1985)
Actor : Dung, Wai Man, Tze Leung Alex Wai, Ying Hung Kara Yu, On On Candice Gan, Wai Tsang Regina
Director : Cha, Chuen Yi

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Tung Wei, the kid Bruce Lee teaches at the beginning of Enter The Dragon, shows off his martial art abilities 12 years later fighting the lady Michelle Yeoh tries to emulate, Hui Ying Hung in Journey of The Doomed.


Journey Of The Doomed (Shaw Brothers Film) [VCD] 
(Date: 2003-08-14)
Price($): HK$54 (US$)
Publisher:Shaw Brother Films

Screen: 1.33:1
No of Disk: 2
Region Code: All
Subtitle: Chinese(Traditional), English
Languages: Mandarin
Video: NTSC
Audio: Vocal Stereo
Sold out, until further announcement Buy

Journey Of The Doomed (Shaw Brothers Film) [DVD] 
(Date: 2003-08-14)
Price($): HK$85 (US$)
Publisher:Shaw Brother Films

No of Disk: 1
Screen: 2.35:1
Region Code: 3
Subtitle: Chinese(Traditional), Chinese(Simplified), English
Languages: Mandarin
Audio: Mono
Video: NTSC

Special Bonus Features including :
- Trailer
- Other Releases
- Color Stills
- Original Poster
- Production Notes
- Biography & Selected Filmography.
Sold out, until further announcement Buy

Total Number of Records: 2

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