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Sound! Euphonium the movie ~ Our Promise: A Brand New Day
Actor : Cartoon
Dubber : Chaojing Caijia Toyota pictures

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The band, which appeared in the all Japan wind band competition last year, has been directing the new freshmen from April by Huang qiankumiko, grade 2, and Youhui kambu, grade 3. As a result of the national competition, many freshmen have joined the wind Department. Among them, there seems to be no problem with Jiu shizuo, Suzuki Meiling who doesn't want to blend into her surroundings, Suzuki Gaoyue, who hopes to make friends with Meiling, and Yue yongqiu, who never mentions her own affairs, arrive at the bass section.
From Chaoyang Music Festival to audition, to national competition. With the goal of "National Competition Gold Award", the orchestra has encountered problems one after another!? The Music Department of beiyuzhi high school will usher in a turbulent day!


Sound! Euphonium the movie ~ Our Promise: A Brand New Day [DVD] 
(Date: 2021-03-31)
Price($): HK$99 (US$)
Publisher:Neofilms Limited

No of Disk: 1
Screen: 1.85:1
Region Code: 3
Languages: Cantonese,Japanese
Subtitle: Chinese(Traditional)
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0,Dolby Digital 5.1
Rating: I
Video: NTSC
Quantity: X
Stock Status: To Order (available within 3 to 6 days)
(Shipping charge by 1.0 Delivery Unit (DU))

Total Number of Records: 1

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