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Actor : Leung, Sam Yuen, Kit Yi
Author : Leung, Sam

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Duration: 133mins
According to the biblical story of Hongkong's first true story adapted from the Old Testament: Genesis 25 - 33 chapter "Jacob and Esau Jacob fled the battle", after wrestling with the angel; and Esau met the plot and. Deduce
with modern technique and plot The wolf Eagle Group Chairman eldest son Eagle, will take over as chairman of the group, the group of internal people dissatisfied with the Eagle when the president, and intends to assassinate him; the same night group at the instigation of his mother's son Jackal, with a fake contract to the original father is ready to give the company ownership of property and the eldest son, lie to their own name. Under double blow, the eldest son Eagle doubled his brother's hatred and contradiction to his brother Jackal. Under the extreme break, the two brothers have different experiences and different experiences in life. In the end, one can overcome and change his destiny. In the life of the river Jabbok, who can put their ultimate challenger and regain faith and life goals? The night before the two brothers met, a mysterious challenger, completely changed the view of life and value of Jackal. The original person really can not win the sky, because strong in the strong hands...


(Date: 2017-12-19)
Price($): HK$95 (US$)
Publisher:Kam & Ronson Enterprise Co. Ltd.

No of Disk: 1
Region Code: All
Languages: Cantonese
Subtitle: Chinese(Traditional)
Audio: DTS-HD MA 5.1
Video: PAL
Screen: Widescreen,16:9
Quantity: X
Stock Status: To Order (available within 3 to 6 days)
(Shipping charge by 1.0 Delivery Unit (DU))

Total Number of Records: 1

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