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Hui Brothers' Comedy Films Collection (4 Disc Box set)
Actor : Hui, Kung Kit Sam Hui, Koon Man Michael Hui, Kwun Ying Ricky Wong, Chi Wah Dayo Lai, Leon Hung, Yan Katherine Ng, Lawrence Chang, Ai Chia Sylvia Wong, Bai Ming Raymond Cheng, Man Nga Olivia
Director : Hui, Koon Man Michael Ko, Chi Sum Clifton

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This boxset contains the four Hui Brothers' Comedy Films
- Chicken And Duck Talk
Michael Hui's 1988 classic satire about Chinese food versus the new - in which he plays "roast duck" restaurant owner struggling to survive under the commercial attacks by the modern "fried chicken" enterprise. The "finger linkin' good" comedy brings you laughter, perhaps a tear, as well as a glimpse of Hong Kong's appetite changes over the 1980s?

- Mr. Coconut
Michael Hui plays the lovable "Mr. Coconut", who arrives in town from Hainan China where he lived with his coconuts. Here in the sophisticated urban jungles of Hong Kong. "Mr. Coconut" has finally reunited with his family, as he endures Hong Kong Streets of the late 1980s, filled with stock and property gamblers, heavy mobile phones etc?
"Mr. Coconut", a Hong Kong Lunar New Year film classic, is also Michael's first 30 million box office hit in which he received the Best Actor Nomination in 1989.

- Front Page
"Frong Page" marks the hugely-anticipated reunion of the classic Hui Brohters after their respective decade-long solo careers. Michael Hui's comic screenplay gives us his visoinary ortrayal of the "paparazzi" during the early 1990s when tabloid press changed the face of mainstream media...

- The Magic Touch
- "The Magic Touch" has Michael Hui returned to the director's chair in more than 7 years. In this sci-fi comedy, Michael plays fortune-telling can artist who turned out to really "see the future" and does good deeds. "The Magic Touch" features some early performances of pop start Leon Lai and comedian Dayo Wong. Together they have made this film one of the top films of 1992 and also becoming Michael Hui's highest box office grossing film to this day.


Hui Brothers' Comedy Films Collection (4 Disc Box set) [Blu-ray] 
(Date: 2015-04-10)
Price($): HK$699 (US$)
Publisher:Y2K Vision Co Ltd

Screen Resolution: 1080p
No of Disk: 4
Region Code: All
Languages: Cantonese, Mandarin
Subtitle: Chinese(Traditional), English, Japanese, Italian
Audio: Dolby Digital 6.1,DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0,DTS-HD MA 5.1
Rating: I
Video: NTSC
Screen: Widescreen,1.78:1
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Total Number of Records: 1

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