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Digital Video Essentials: HD Basics
Actor : Nil

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Get The Most Out Of Your HDTV. . . Get Back To BASICS
Created by home theater industry legend Joe Kane, HD Basics is the definitive High Definition home theater calibration tool. It promises to improve your picture and give you an understanding of the concepts that are vital to getting the most out of your HDTV.
If you are like most people, your HDTV is among the most used and least understood devices in your home. Buying an HDTV is a major purchase -- but it does not mean that you will enjoy the crisp and true images intended by HD content producers. Getting the most out of your HDTV set requires some adjustments.
HD Basics will teach you both how to make these adjustments and why they are necessary -- all while taking advantage of the interactivity provided by the Blu-ray format.


Digital Video Essentials: HD Basics [Blu-ray] 
(Date: 2014-12-30)
Price($): HK$653 (US$)

No of Disk: 1
Screen Resolution: 1080p
Region Code: A
Audio: DTS-HD MA 5.1
Languages: English
Video: NTSC
Quantity: X
Stock Status: To Order (available within 12 to 25 days)
(Shipping charge by 1.0 Delivery Unit (DU))

Total Number of Records: 1

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