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Lord Of Imprisonment (Vol. 1-58)
Actor : Cheng, Siu Chau Adam Yu, Siu Fan Cheung, Ting Wang, Man Ho Fan, Yik Man Chan, Hung Lit Cheng, Pei Pei He, Qing
Director : Chou Ling Kong

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Legendary TV actor ADAM CHENG is the infamous detective constable Tong Lin of the Jiang Nan province in this intriguing drama consists of a series of whodunits. While searching for clues that may lead to his missing wife, Tong discovers a headless female corpse that share many of his wife's features. At the same time, a series of bloody murders bring fear to those living in the city of Gu Bei Kou, while another detective Shi Zhu (Norman Tsui) is in pursuit of the famous female bandit "Golden Swallow" and needs Tong's help. How can Tong Solve all three puzzling mysteries? With an all-star cast that includes Cheng Pei Pei from CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON, LORD OF IMPRISONMENT is a fascinating detective yern full of surprises.


Lord Of Imprisonment (Vol. 1-58) (Movie Version) (US Version) [DVD] 
(Date: 2011-11-28)
Price($): HK$389 (US$)
Publisher:Tai Seng Entertainment

No of Disk: 12
Region Code: All
Languages: Cantonese,Mandarin
Subtitle: Chinese(Traditional)
Audio: Dolby Digital
Screen: Letter Box
Video: NTSC,DVD-9
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Total Number of Records: 1

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