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Trends SA-10 Speakers(Tweeter on Central) - One Pair

[AV Devices](507109-REF)HK$2070(US$267.0)[Released]Buy
[AV Devices](507109-10)HK$2330(US$300.6)[In Stock]Buy
Trends TS-10R Hi-Fi System(Tweeter on Left & Right)

[AV Devices](506442-CLTW)HK$3500(US$451.5)[In Stock]Buy
[AV Devices](506442-CCEE)HK$3500(US$451.5)[In Stock]Buy
[AV Devices](506442-VDE)HK$3500(US$451.5)[In Stock]Buy
[AV Devices](506442-BS)HK$3500(US$451.5)[In Stock]Buy
Trends TS-10 Hi-Fi System(Tweeter on Central)

[AV Devices](506312-CLTW)HK$4100(US$528.9)[Released]Buy
[AV Devices](506312-CCEE)HK$4100(US$528.9)[Released]Buy
[AV Devices](506312-VDE)HK$4100(US$528.9)[Released]Buy
[AV Devices](506312-BS)HK$4100(US$528.9)[Released]Buy
Trends SA-10R Speakers(Tweeter on Left & Right)

[AV Devices](506307-10R)HK$2330(US$300.6)[In Stock]Buy
[AV Devices](506307-REF)HK$2070(US$267.0)[Released]Buy

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