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History/Ancient Costume

Xiao Bing Zhang Ge (China Version)
Actor : Ge,Cunzhuang An, Ji Si Wu, Ke Qin
Director : Cui,Wei

Chinese Early Cinema - Plunder Of Peach And Plum (China Version)
Actor : Chen Bo Er Yuan Mu Zhe
Director : Ying, Yun Wei

Chinese Early Cinema - Ba Qian Li Lu Yun He Yue (China Version)
Actor : Bai Yeung Tao, Jin
Director : Shi, Dong Shan

Sweet Is Revenge (Shaw Brothers Film)(1967)
Actor : Yu, Sin Yue, Hua Ho, Fan Li, Ching
Director : Ng, Ka Chen

[DVD](240664-D)HK$85(US$11.0)[Out of Stock]
[VCD](240664-V)HK$8(US$1.0)[In Stock]Buy
Spring Blossoms (Shaw Brothers Film)
Actor : Lily Lee Yang, Fan Chin, Feng Lin, Jia Shu, Pui Pui
Director : Ngok, Fung

[DVD](240663-D)HK$85(US$11.0)[Out of Stock]
[VCD](240663-V)HK$54(US$7.0)[Out of Stock]
Silent Swordman, The (Shaw Brothers Film)
Actor : Chiao, Chiao Yu, Wai Zhang, Yi Shu, Pui Pui
Director : Kao, Li
Producer : Shao, Yi Fu Sir Run Run

[DVD](240662-D)Pre-Order: HK$35(US$4.5)[Expected Date: 2022-12-1]
[VCD](240662-V)HK$49(US$6.3)[In Stock]Buy
Lady Jade Locket (Shaw Brothers Film)
Actor : Li, Li Hua Chin, Miao Li, Ching
Director : Yan, Jun

[DVD](240661-D)HK$85(US$11.0)[Out of Stock]
[VCD](240661-V)HK$54(US$7.0)[Out of Stock]
Battle Wizard, The (Shaw Brothers Film)
Actor : Lee, Sau Yin Danny Lin, Zhen Qi Tien, Ni Tanny
Director : Pao, Hsueh Li

[VCD](240659-V)HK$54(US$7.0)[Out of Stock]
Forbidden Tales Of Two Cities (Shaw Brothers Film)
Actor : Dam, Sau Guk, Fung Hu, Chin Chen, Ping Tien, Ni Tanny Liu, Hui Ling
Director : Li, Han Chiang

[DVD](240658-D)HK$85(US$11.0)[Out of Stock]
[VCD](240658-V)HK$54(US$7.0)[Out of Stock]
Dream Of The Red Chamber, The (Shaw Brothers Film)
Actor : Chang, Ai Chia Sylvia Lin, Ching Hsia Brigitte Yim, Michelle Dik, Bor Lin Deborah Liu, Hui Ling
Director : Li, Han Chiang

[DVD](240657-D)Pre-Order: HK$35(US$4.5)[Expected Date: 2022-12-1]
Shao Nian You Ji Dui (China Version)
Actor : Cheng, Cheung Hwan Zhang, Di Xi Deng, Kui Zhen

Qi Tian Qi Ye (China Version)
Actor : Bai, Dak Zhang Zhang,Yanping Wang, Yan Song, Bao Yi
Director : Wu,Zhaodi

Chinese Early Cinema - Li Jun A Hero In The River(China Version)
Actor : Wang, Yuan Long Shi Shan Bai Feng
Director : Wang, Yuan Long

Chinese Early Cinema - Wu Zetian A Queen (China Version)
Actor : Gu, Lan Ju Huang, Nai Shuang
Director : Fang Pei Shuang

Mystery Of The Condor Hero, The(China Version)
Actor : Cheng, Yi Kin Ekin Huang, Siu Yan Lai, Yiu Cheung Wayne Chan, Wai Yi Ngai Chun Kit Marco Chan, Ka Ling Charine
Heroes Rivalry (Vol. 1 - 20 - China Version)
Actor : David Chiang Lau, Chi Wing Si Ma, Wah Lung Cheng, Xiu Wen

[VCD](241105-V)HK$119(US$15.4)[Out of Stock]
Nomura Yoshitaro Collection, The (Boxset)
Actor : Yoshitaro, Nomura

[DVD](240606-D)HK$234(US$30.2)[Out of Stock]
Wait And See
Actor : Zhai Teng You Gui Koichi, Sato
Director : Shinji, Some

[DVD](240603-D)HK$54(US$7.0)[Out of Stock]
Ning Wu Guan (China Version)
Actor : Liu, Bao Quan

Ming Mo Yi Heng (China Version)
Actor : Wei xi Gu, Lan Ju


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