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Since its establishment in 1996, Buyoyo.com (formerly DVDshelf.com) has been winning the report from mass media including Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Next Media TVB at its program as the successful case study - "Build up a Business". Recently, it has been the study case by various tertiary institutions in e-commerce business development. The following is the details:      


HK Oriental Daily - Finance Management (2004-04-27)

The DVD retail shops started price war.
Online shop is another business channel...


HK e-Zone Magazine - Business Interview
buyoyo.com arranging "Online RMB Payment" (2004-04-15)

Established Guangzhou logistics centre and
aggressively arranging online RMB payment...


HK Economic Times - IT Times -
Online shop launched "Order Shipping Notice by SMS" (2004-03-10)

Integrating "Mobile Telecom" technology into
"e-Commerce" & "Logistics Management",
launched the "Order Shipping Notice by SMS" to
provide initimate customer services and high
efficiency order handling...


HK Economic Times - IT Times -
Well accept China's UnionPay Card in Hong Kong,
Online RMB Payment will follows... (2004-02-04)

Hong Kong Banks signed agreements with the
Mainland China to accept UnionPay Card in
Hong Kong, including
the ATM withdrawn and
merchant payment. The Hong Kong online shop
is also planing for the online RMB payment...


HK Economic Times - Executive Page (Management) -
Great performance of online shopping in bad economic (2003-04-17)


When SARS is spreading, peoples reduced their outdoor expenses. In contrast, they stay home and created many online business opportunities ...


HK WenWeiPo - Dramatically increased online sales (2003-04-09)


HK Apple Daily - Online shopping for the whole family (2003-04-07)

Online shopping for the whole family
Send "Joey Yung" to you automatically!


PC Xpress - AVeasy as Support, DVDshelf become more powerful (2002-2-04)


PC Xpress - AVeasy as Support, DVDshelf
 become more powerful


PCXpress - Have a Review of your favourite classical movie and TV series,
just purchase it online (2001-03-08)

"www.buyoyo.com is an online VCD, DVD "eshop", it is not only selling the most updated pop movie, they also have classical movies and TV series. If you want to review 80's movie and TV series, just only need to click.


click to vew full image

click to view full image



HK Economic Times - I.T. Times (2001-03-07)

"DVDshelf.COM (an online VCD/DVD retailer shop) can be saved from manually getting authorization code for credit card payment since last Christmas¡¦ time. The reason for the change is its application for HSBC Payment Gateway system. Onward, the handling of credit card payment can be directly through the Payment Gateway system, without through manual handling. "


click to vew full image

click to view full image



HK e-Zone Magazine -
DVDshelf.com has lauched payment arrangement with HSBC (2001-02-21)


After 3-month testing, DVDshelf.com formally announced the launch of its payment arrangement with HSBC. From now on, the credit card data of the customer and any sensitive infromation will be transferred to the payment gateway of HSBC.....


HK Apple Daily - AppleTech Weekly (2000-7-27)

"Vision and Careful"
The Internet Never Die


HK Oriental Daily - Economic Times! (2000-4-28)

Video online shop get profit within half a year!

There are many online shop locally. Most of them are still in red record. But, the video discs online shop DVDshelf.COM which started up their business half year only, has already get profits.


HK SME Info - Case Study (2000 4-5)

Integrate technology with modern sales concept,
DVDshelf.COM implemented the easy online shopping business model.


Hong Kong Electronics - Off The Shelf (2000/4)

Off The Shelf

By the end of 2000, people around the world will be able to choose from about 20,000 movie titles in DVD or VCD format and have them delivered almost anywhere worldwide, ...



HK TVB Jade "Startup Business" - the success story of DVDshelf.COM! (2000-3-21)

Please pay attention to the Hong Kong TVB Jade's "Startup Business" program that will be broadcasted at 9p.m. this Saturday (Mar 25, 2000). Why? Because the success experience and background of DVDshelf.COM will be presented on screen and shared with all.


Attention please! You no longer need to rush for your interested video discs. The 24-hrs non-stop online video shop is established. ...


Online Video Shop - The First One

DVDshelf.COM has launched a series of promotion campaigns.
They are very successul. Less than one year from startup,
it has 23,000 registered member, and estimated
20 million HK dollar sales until year end.

Hong Kong based online DVD shop gets rewarding sales and market share expansion. 40% sales coming from overseas customers, implies overseas market ......


Online DVD/VCD retailer, forecasting boundless business opportunity, setup on June in 1996
specialized in selling DVD & VCD, 6 major business strategies aim
to release Hong Kong customers' worries on online purchasing


DVDshelf.COM sales triple during holidays

Any notions that online shopping in Hong Kong is dead in the water and that DVDs can compete with VCDs should be instantly dispelled. DVDshelf.com, an online retailer of english2 DVDs and VCDs, has announced a dramatic increase in sales for the month of December.


Net shop aims at $25m for next year

The six-month-old Internet shop developed by technology firm
ITOK Technologies sold $800,000 worth of disks last month and
plans to sell $25 million worth of merchandise next year, ......


The first DVD/VCD online shop, established on June 1999 - DVDshelf.COM, average monthly profit 40,000, increasingly sales recorded.


Hong Kong First online DVD & VCD shopper, abundant selection,
24-hours operated, over 3000 titles of movies local and overseas
producers for sale



DVDshelf.COM has TV ads broadcasted on Asia TV, make more people aware of our website to enjoy online shopping. After ads, number of page view is increased in doubled scale, averagely 150,000 users session

Download TV ads : TVad.mpg (759KB)


IBM worldwide public release the case study of DVDshelf.COM (20 sept 1999)

click to view full image

click to view full image

IBM worldwide released (20 Sept 1999) DVDshelf.COM as their case study. It employs
IBM's Net.Commerce e-business solution to explore online DVD selling business.

Download file: dvdshelf.pdf (52KB)

HK Oriental Daily - Audio & Video News(19 Sept 2000)

click to view full image

To buy newly released DVD online!
New web site released, most updated DVD titles founded in the web site. Highly recommended for internet surfers and DVD lovers.

HK Ming Pao - HI-TECH WEEKLY (1 Sept 1999)

Attract new customers from Internet!
Many companies in Hong Kong want to develop their bussiness online. Practically, how to work out online business?

click to view full image

HK The Sun News - Economic News(21 Aug 1999)

click to view full image

Online Shop - Real Case Study

ITOK Technology Ltd. is a strategic partner with IBM on e-commerce business solution.
Apart from providing business solution for corporate. Within two months,
average daily sales amounted to HK$9,000¡K

HK SingTao PC Market - Enterprise (21 July 1999)

DVDshelf.COM - free delivery charge offered to increase awareness of their web site

DVDshelf.COM (www.buyoyo.com) established by ITOK, firstly launched its online shopping of DVD and VCD will be the next launch. It implies that they will expand its market in selling Audio and Video product.

ITOK's online selling price for DVD, is lower than buying in the market, in additional with free delivery, almost no monetary reward. But Ricky Leung indicated that they did this for long-term. They want to build up Image and good reputation for the web site.

click to view full image

HK The Sun News - Economic News(21 July1999)

click to view full image

Partnered with the IBM, DVDshelf.COM
can overcome the three major problems
in running e-commerce business.

HK Economics Times - Information Technology Post (7 July 1999)

E-commerce Highlight-ITOK successfully lanched its web site-DVDshelf.COM on last Monday. "We received 3 local orders with total amount of HK$500 for each individual order. It is really encouraging." DVDshelf.COM said.

070799_S.jpg (5830 bytes)
click to view full image

HK Apple Daily - Computer Information (5 July,1999)

Online purchasing DVD
In Hong Kong, online purchasing market is still developing. For instance, there is few web site with online selling DVD. Fortunately, with the newly release of DVDshelf.COM, it matches with the public demand for DVD, VCD and CD. This web site has a wide-selection of more than 500 titles of renowned movies from all over the world. It features with precise categorized and user-friendly search engine. Users can easily access their favourite movies. Upon registered, users can purchase DVD & VCD simply keys in login ID and password. What a wonderful online shopping web site---
https://www.buyoyo.com a free VCD gift offered for any purchse of DVD by the end of July, 1999



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